We are home to a number of different local clubs and groups to help support our local community. If you would like further information or are interested in joining one of them, then please contact them directly.

Krav Maga BKMA

Contact: Chris Holland Tel: 07861 468 510 Email: kravmagakent@yahoo.co.uk

WingChun Maidstone

Contact: Lee Wilson Tel: 07803 769 768 Email: info@iaw-maidstone.com

Dharma Gym For All

Contact: Tamzin Reid Tel: 07702 939135 Email: dharma12011@hotmail.co.uk Website

Waterbabies (Kent)

Contact: Lisa Tel: 07803 729 989 Email: inthepool@waterbabies.co.uk Website

Maidstone Swim Disabled Club

Contact: Barbera Tel: 01622 209 018

Blue Ocean Diving

Contact: Ruby Stonehouse Tel: 01622 212 022 Email: info@blueoceandiving.co.uk Website

Maidstone Symphony Orchestra

Contact: Nicci Whitaker Tel: 07817 429 143 Website

Chess Club

Contact: Bob Lane Tel: 01795 842 331 Email: fenn446@googlemail.com Website

Children's Extra Tuition Centre

Tel: 0800 917 4194 Website

Maidstone Roller Dance Club

Email: info@maidstonerollerdance.co.uk