Refurbishment - Maidstone Leisure Centre
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Refurbishment Coming Soon


    Fitness Suite Upgrade 

    A major upgrade of Maidstone Leisure Centre's gym transformed it to include state-of-the-art Life Fitness cardiovascular and strength equipement and redecoration of the gym areas.

    New and existing members now enjoy the latest equipment in the gym as well as some of the latest industry-leading technology. The installation included:

    The New Life Fitness Discovery Range

    An impressive range with touchscreen interactive tablet screens so you can setup personalised workouts, connect your smartphone, watch videos and connect to the internet!
    Life Fitness Discovery Equipment


    The range of equipment includes:
    6 x Discover SE Treadmill WIFI - Arctic Silver
    3 x Discover SE Upright Bike WIFI - Arctic Silver
    1 x Discover SE Recumbent Bike w/Handlebar WIFI - Arctic Silver
    5 x Discover SE Cross-Trainer WIFI - Arctic Silver
    1 x Discover SE PowerMill Climber WIFI - Arctic Silver
    2 x Discover SE FlexStrider WIFI - Arctic Silver

    4 x Concept2 Model D Indoor Rower

    The Model D delivers an effective cardiovascular workout that will increase your fitness level and tone your physique.

    2 x Concept SkiErg with PM5 Monitor

    Nordic skiing is an exhilarating and aerobically demanding sport, so it's no surprise that Nordic skiers are extremely fit athletes.

    Concept SkiErg

    The SkiErg makes this terrific aerobic exercise accessible to anyone.

    Life Fitness Integrity Cardio Series

    The Integrity Series offers something for every exerciser.

    Life Fitness Spin Bikes

    Whether you are a beginner who has never used a gym before or an experienced gym-goer wanting to push yourself that bit further, these new machines will cater to your needs:

    3 x Integrity Treadmill
    4 x Integrity Cross-Trainer
    4 x Integrity Lifecycle 
    2 x Integrity Lifecycle Recumbent


    The groundbreaking SYNRGY360™ system reinvents small group training.


    It creates a fun, inviting and meaningful workout experience for exercisers of all abilities and fitness levels.


    Strength and Conditioning Equipment

    For those wanting to work on improving strength, performance and conditioning.


    The equipment includes:


    • Signature Smith Machine     
    • Multi Adjustable Bench
    • Arm Curl Bench
    • Adjustable Decline /Abdominal Bench 
    • Olympic Flat Bench
    Hammer Strength HD Elite Combo Half Rack 

    An HD Elite™ Rack is a fixture for any gym or athletic facility that can be used as an essential piece of strength training for individuals or configured as a small group training area for exercisers who want to take the intensity of their group workouts up a notch. The set up includes:

    • Hammer Strength HD Elite Half Rack Long Base
    • Hammer Strength HD Elite Medium Single Combo Storage
    • Hammer Strength HD Elite Step-Up Platform - Half Rack
    • Hammer Strength HD Elite Dip Handles - Half Rack
    • Hammer Strength HD Elite Adjustable Bench
    • Hammer Strength HD Elite Bottom Sliding Band Pegs - 1 pair
    • Hammer Strength HD Elite Power Pivot
    Weight Plates
    • Rubber Olympic Disc Pack  - 14 discs totalling 157.5kg
    • Rubber Olympic Disc Pack - 28 discs totalling 315kg
    • 2 x 5kg Escape Elite Competition Bumper Disc
    • 2 x 10kg Hammer Coloured Bumper Disc 
    • 2 x 15kg Hammer Coloured Bumper Disc 
    • 2 x 20kg Hammer Coloured Bumper Disc 
    • 4 x 25kg Hammer Coloured Bumper Disc 
    • 2 x Olympic Bars 
    • Life Fitness Rubber 8kg Kettlebell 
    • Life Fitness Rubber 12kg Kettlebell 
    • Life Fitness Rubber 16kg Kettlebell 
    • Life Fitness Rubber 20kg Kettlebell 
    • Life Fitness Rubber 24kg Kettlebell