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    Weight Loss Management Programme

    Maidstone Leisure Centre has launched an exciting Weight Loss Management Programme. The programme includes weekly seminars, weigh-ins, exercise classes, gym sessions and a supermarket trip on what foods to buy to manage your weight.

    The programme is a 12 week course and you will need to visit the centre weekly. On your last visit a final assessment will be undertaken to show the positive results and encourage you to continue with your new healthy lifestyle. Upon successful completion you can access the range of leisure services offered by Maidstone Leisure Centre.

    How do I join the Weight Loss Management Programme?

    The first step is to visit your GP. You will need to have a BMI (body mass index) of 28 and above to be referred. Following a successful referral from your GP, Practice Nurse or Consultant you will be asked to make your initial appointment with our Weight Loss Management Co-ordinator

    Your appointment will include a weigh-in and simple fitness assessment (please wear comfortable clothing in which to exercise). The results of this and the reasons for your referral will form your personal weight management programme to help you successfully loose weight.

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