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March 2019


Sports grants up for grabs from leisure trust

Maidstone Leisure Trust (MLT) is asking for local sports organisations and individuals to apply for funding from its grant scheme, which offers up to £1,000 (£500 for individuals) to clubs and sportspeople based in the Maidstone area, including users of the Maidstone Leisure Centre.

Since starting in 2015, the grant scheme has awarded over £25,000 to deserving local individuals and groups helping them compete, keep active and enjoy their leisure time. Examples of grants the trust has already given include ones to a new Junior Park Run group based at Parkwood, help for the Maidstone United Raiders, a team of disabled footballers which operates alongside Maidstone United FC, plus funding to buy new sports kit for special needs school Five Acre Wood.

Alexandra Meaders, Fundraiser for Five Acre Wood School said:

“I am not sure who is prouder – the staff and teachers of Five Acre Wood School seeing our students in their team strip or the students themselves who are extremely chuffed to be able to turn up to sporting events looking so uniform and professional!

“We are all incredibly grateful to MLT for facilitating this fabulous resource. We chose a generic kit so that it could work for various sports and work for both our male and female students. The students always hold their heads high when representing Five Acre Wood in sport; this sponsored kit allows them to hold themselves even higher!”

Clive Bradburn, Chairman of the Trust said:

“Although we issue the grants each April and October, we suggest to people that they apply throughout the year. In March and September, we decide which applications to support and how best we can help.

“When we read statements like Alexandra’s, and hear about the gratitude from our other recipients, it really makes us proud of what we as a Trust have achieved since starting the scheme in 2015.”

Grants are available up to a maximum of £1,000 for clubs and organisations and £500 for individuals for any single application. For people interested in applying for a grant in 2019, visit the trust’s website - to download an application form, or email them at



Christmas Opening Hours 2018/19

Lagoon Pool

Gym / Classes

Monday 17th December6.30am-8.30pm6.30am-8.30pm6.30am-9.00pmCLOSED6.30am-9.00pm
Tuesday 18th December6.30am-8.30pm6.30am-8.30pm6.30am-9.00pmCLOSED6.30am-9.00pm
Wednesday 19th December6.30am-8.30pm6.30am-8.30pm6.30am-9.00pmCLOSED6.30am-9.00pm
Thursday 20th December6.30am-8.30pm6.30am-8.30pm6.30am-9.00pm9.00am-8.00pm6.30am-9.00pm
Friday  21st December6.30am-8.30pm6.30am-8.30pm6.30am-9.00pm9.00am-8.00pm6.30am-9.00pm
Saturday 22nd December7.00am-7.30pm7.00am-7.30pm7.00am-7.00pm8.00am-6.00pm8.00am-8.00pm
Sunday 23rd December7.00am-7.30pm7.00am-7.30pm7.00am-7.00pm8.00am-6.00pm8.00am-8.00pm
Monday 24th December7.00am-2.00pm7.00am-2.00pm7.00am-2.30pm8.00am-2.30pm8.00am-2.30pm
Thursday 27th December7.00am-7.30pm7.00am-7.30pm7.00am-7.00pm9.00am-6.00pm7.00am-8.00pm
Friday 28th December7.00am-7.30pm7.00am-7.30pm7.00am-7.00pm9.00am-6.00pm7.00am-8.00pm
Saturday 29th December7.00am-7.30pm7.00am-7.30pm7.00am-7.00pm8.00am-6.00pm8.00am-8.00pm
Sunday 30th December7.00am-7.30pm7.00am-7.30pm7.00am-7.00pm8.00am-6.00pm8.00am-8.00pm
Monday 31st December7.00am-2.00pm7.00am-2.00pm7.00am-2.30pm8.00am-2.30pm8.00am-2.30pm
Wednesday 2nd JanuaryNormalNormalNormalNormalNormal
Thursday 3rd JanuaryNormalNormalNormalNormalNormal
Friday 4th JanuaryNormalNormalNormalNormalNormal


December 2018


Customer Notice

Throughout a less busy period in December, we have planned a number of service improvements works to your Leisure Centre. Some of this you will see happening but much also planned to the building plant and back of house systems. 

We regret to advise customers that on Friday 7th December, we are replacing large sections of pipework, heating pumps and valves which requires a drain down of the heating system. This will mean that throughout the day, heating including that of pool temperatures will decline the longer these works continue.

We aim to raise the set points to the pool temperatures higher than normal and before the works progress, meaning some customers may notice a difference first thing in the morning with the intention that this prolongs the potential impact later in the day.

We are hopeful that normal service will resume Friday evening and we have our contractors, who are completing the vast majority of the plant works on standby should we encounter any problems.

We trust that customers will accept this short term disruption for the longer term improvements and we thank you for your patience while all improvement works are being carried out.

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