Becoming Fitter for the Future

Apr 21, 2023 | News

Here at Maidstone Leisure Centre we are committed to addressing environmental and climate emergencies, whilst supporting the net zero carbon ambitions of our centre and wider society. We will lead, support and advise our team to be carbon conscious, resource efficient and to limit any negative impact on the environment. 

The leisure industry uses a lot of equipment and products that cannot be recycled by conventional methods, but with your help this can now be a thing of the past.

In Maidstone Leisure Centre you will see a Zogg's branded recycling bin, where you can drop-off your pool waste items so they can be turned into new products.

Used pool waste includes:

  • Flip flops
  • Goggles
  • Pool floats
  • Armbands
  • Kickboards
  • Pull buoys
  • Swim caps
  • Pool noodles

If every one of Serco Leisure's swimming pools filled just one box, half a tonne of waste material could be recycled into new swimming products, like flip flops.

Help us maintain a fitter future by recycling your old swimming equipment using the Zogg’s recycling bins in our centre.

As part of our commitment to maintaining a Fitter Future since April 2022 we are no longer automatically printing receipts at our Maidstone Leisure Centre. Doing this will allow us to better support our environment and reduce our landfill waste for a Fitter Future. Don't worry, if you still like to have a receipt for your purchase, till receipts will still be available on request.

Our pledge to limit any negative impact has never been so urgent or important. 

Our Maintaining A Fitter Future initiative will cover all actions, projects or improvements we roll out at Maidstone Leisure Centre. We will keep you up to date on this page, and on our social media pages, with all we are doing to meet our environmental targets. Click below to download our carbon reduction plan.

carbon reduction plan