Lagoon Pool Temporary Closure:

Please be aware that our Lagoon Pool will be closed from Monday 3rd June until the week commencing 22nd July in order to carry out works on our brand-new Splash Pad. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Missing the pool? Keep swim fit at home!

Feb 15, 2021 | Blog

According to Swim England, swimming has improved the mental health of 1.4 million adults in Britain.

This underrated sport benefits adults and children like no other activity. It can dramatically change your mental and physical health, including improving self-esteem, confidence and mobility. While the pools are closed, here are few simple ideas to support those of all ages and abilities who are missing the water.

Swim to relax or for that ‘me’ time

Yoga or meditation will help clear your mind or try taking a solo walk - it can really help you find that time for you. We love the live Body Balance classes, which require no equipment and use simple yoga and Tai Chi movements to help you face the day.

Swim for mobility

Simple stretches are a great way to keep you mobile, whether you’re sitting at a home desk or even while watching TV. A gentle bike ride can help keep you mobile if you can or take just 10 or 15 minutes each day to do an online stretching class to help retain good movement.

Swim for strength

Do some core or bodyweight exercises at home, such as this Upper Body Workout from Swim England or Swimming Training exercises from the Global Triathlon Network.

Swim to improve your technique?

We love the Freestyle swimming at home exercises. They can help to improve swimming form and including strength and mobility movements.

Swim for cardiovascular health

Keeping moving while at home is important, in whatever way you can, whether that’s a simple walk, a jog, a bike ride, or an online workout class – they can give you the same cardio workouts that swimming can.

Kids missing their swimming lessons?

Swimming is a life skill, a necessity but also a fun, enjoyable activity that we unfortunately can’t recreate at home.  However, if you can run a bath and keep the kids splashing or blowing bubbles, it can keep up their love of water and build water confidence. Stay safe – always supervise children around water.

Yes, swimming without water is a ridiculous idea but it will help keep your body active and your mind clear.