Lagoon Pool Temporary Closure:

Please be aware that our Lagoon Pool will be closed from Monday 3rd June until the week commencing 22nd July in order to carry out works on our brand-new Splash Pad. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Maidstone Leisure Centre Upcoming Works - Totem Splash Pad

Jun 24, 2024 | Blog

So… what are the plans?

We are removing the Flume, Penguin pool, and River Run to create an amazing Totem Splash Pad complete with slides, water cannons and various interactive features.

But what is a Totem Splash Pad?

Think of it like a mini-water park for children of all ages. Due to its shallow water depth, this attraction is even suitable for the smallest members of your family, as well as those with reduced mobility or a disability.

The main Lagoon Pool will have the wave machine completely overhaled, the slides and bucket type features replaced, and small interactive features added around the circular pool. The pool surround will also be improved, completing our new Aztec theme.

Will there be an age limit for the Totem Splash Pad?

We will not be introducing a strict age limit to use this new feature, but we are expecting it to mostly appeal to families with young children.

We would ask any older children who use the Totem Splash Pad to respect the needs of the younger ones and behave accordingly.

What changes are happening to make way for the Totem Splash Pad?

Unfortunately, our Flumes best days are behind it, so that will be going. The Penguin Pool, River Run and small Splash Pool will also be removed so that we are able to introduce this exciting new feature.  

There will be glazing installed between the Fitness Pool, Lagoon Pool and Teaching Pools giving us greater environmental controls.

Will any services at the centre be closed while the improvement work takes place?

Mainly it’s just the Lagoon Pool that will be effected but planned to be complete in time for the summer school holidays. Customers will still be able to use the Lagoon Pool in its current format during the May school holidays.

Will the other pools be open while work takes place?

Yes. The Fitness Pool and Teaching Pool programmes will remain the same. They may be the odd occasion when we need to alter services, while pool glazing is installed, but we will do our best to keep these disruptions to a minimum, while ensuring customers are always kept informed.

We will also be expanding the times that the Teaching and Diving Pools will be open.

Please visit our website to check opening times and book sessions:  

Will the Totem Splash Pad be lifeguarded?

Once all work is complete, we will carry out a Lifeguard Zone Visibility Test to assess where lifeguards should be placed and how many would need to be on duty for a particular session. The safety of our customers and staff is always our number one priority.

Will the café remain open during this period?

We will ensure a food and drink option of some sort is still available during the Lagoon Pool closure. We are currently looking at possible plans to improve our café offering, but will be able to update you more on this later in the year.

Could we consider changing fitness to family fun at the weekends and how might this impact the Aqua Challenge times?

Yes, we are working on a revised programme that will be advertised shortly. Again, we ask customers to accept a short period of disruption, as we make some adjustments to the programme during this short period.

How can we check progress?

Look out for further exciting progress updates on our website and social media:

Will there be improvements to the changing rooms and lockers?

The changing rooms and lockers will receive a refurbishment in December and more will be communicated once the finer detail are confirmed. Naturally, we will advise how this may impact members, school swimming or public usage but we expect the pools to stay open.

Will car parking be affected during this period?

No. We do not expect there to be any major impact on parking.

Can we create a bigger buggy park?

Yes. We are working on providing an improved provision, especially given the target audience. However, this might come as part of the Changing Rooms project.

What will happen to pre-booked parties that were due to take place during this period?

If you have a party booked, a member of our team will contact you to offer alternative arrangements. We have a number of options, including Mote Park, Soft Play, Aqua Challenge or a pool party at a nearby facility.

Will pricing change with the new pool offering?

We review what we charge for all services every year, but we will ensure any changes that may take place keep our products and services priced as competitively as possible.

Will Aqua and Hydroride classes be affected?

There may be some disruption to these sessions. However, we are working to relocate Aqua and Hydroride to the boom pool. We will ensure you are kept up to date on all alternative arrangements.

Once all work is completed, we expect classes will return to the Lagoon Pool.

Is the Lagoon Pool going to be smaller?

No, the actual pool is not getting smaller but of course the river-run, and small splash pool plus penguin pool and flume will make way for the new and exciting features. However, the Lagoon Pool size remains the same.

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