Lockmeadow Health Club FAQs

Apr 18, 2023 | News

“Will my membership just carry on during the changeover?”
No, all memberships will be terminated on the 31st May. You will need to sign up with the Maidstone Leisure Trust via Serco Leisure. We will be placing a membership pod within the car park from the 18th May for providing general information and or to sign up.

"Can we use our membership at Maidstone Leisure Centre and vice-versa" 
Unfortunately not, but we couldn't be prouder to be offering slight different service products for the people of Maidstone. Maidstone Leisure Centre will remain a fully public facility aimed at providing affordable health, wellbeing and fun activities for all the family and for all corners of the of the community. Whilst MLC must operate in a financially sustainable way, the Trust is fully focused at providing the borough incredible social impact value by keeping our prices affordable and facilities accessible, not just for members and pay as you go customers, but for events and various clubs alike.  

The operating model will be slightly different at Lockmeadow Heath Club. We recognise that that the experience at a private members gym so something different and we aim to maintain access to our spacious Clubroom, providing a place to work, relax and enjoy healthy food and drink throughout the day. We also want to be a place whereby you can bring you families to enjoy precious time with them, allowing you to work out and perhaps even be the place whereby we teach your little ones to swim. The atmosphere intends to be more relaxed, giving to time and space to enjoy your incredible lifestyle choices.

“Who are the Maidstone Leisure Trust?"  
The Maidstone Leisure Trust (MLT) is a charitable company regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Co-operatives and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014, established in April 2007 with a responsibility for the strategic management of Maidstone Leisure Centre and the support and development of a wide variety of sport, health, well-being, fitness and other leisure activities in Maidstone and the surrounding area. The aim of the Trust is to provide, maintain and develop such activities ensuring maximum inclusion of all members of the community. 

The Trust works in partnership with Maidstone Borough Council (MBC) to oversee the operation and management of Maidstone Leisure Centre and Mote Park Outdoor Adventure, both of which are run by the Trust’s operating agents, Serco Leisure. 

The Board of Trustees currently consists of 6 volunteer members with a wide range of community experience and talents. Each Trustee is dedicated to pursuing the development of the Trust’s Aims and the Joint Objectives agreed with MBC and, for Maidstone Leisure Centre, the Trust’s managing agents, Serco Leisure. 

"What is the club going to be called?" 
You can imagine the debate that has been had on of all things what we are going to be called! We are pleased to advise that the voting has settled on naming this venue as "Lockmeadow Health Club" as we feel this best illustrates the private member offering.

"Will this remain a Private Members club?" 
Absolutely, but with some very subtle changes. The main change being that a small number of swimming lesson spaces will be made available for non-members but non-members will not be able to use the gym, classes or children's clubs. We are keen to keep the club room a space whereby you can relax, work and or winddown.

“Will we still have to pay for parking?” 
Straight away the parking arrangement will not change. BUT, there is good news! Over the next couple of months, there will be a RingGo terminal located in the club, allowing using members to register their car for free, allowing them to park for up to 3hrs. Obviously, you can only use this when using the facility. The date is to be confirmed, but Maidstone Borough Council are super keen to make these changes for our members.

"Will there be new equipment?" 
Unfortunately, there will not be any large-scale investment immediately. The arrangement with Maidstone Borough Council is for an initial 15mth period working towards a longer-term arrangement that will most likely result in some large-scale investment. What you can expect to see is some re-branding, and minor redecoration around the facility.  

"What will be available for families?"
Members will be able to bolt on children for family access at weekends and we have some exciting plans for weekend clubs for club members children that we expect to come into effect from 1st July. Members whose children are in swim lesson, are automatically able to join into the family swim sessions and weekend children's clubs as part of the membership. 

“Will you still be offering a platinum towel service?” 
Immediately we do not have plans to continue this service, but this is something under review. 

"Can we expect to see the same Group Exercise Instructors" 
Yes, we really hope so and are in touch with all of them that can and are willing to deliver our programme. This will be a phased approach initially, but with a plentiful programme effective from the 5th June and we expect to expand the programme again in July. 

"Will there be an app I can book on?"  
Yes, we aim to provide an app for classes and general programme information as well as tracking your workouts. As soon as the app is launched, we will inform customers and they will be able to download this free of charge. 

"When is your website going live?"
Our website is now live. Although so please bear with us as we continue to populate the information. www.maidstoneleisure.com/lockmeadow-health-club/  

"Will the swimming pool be open as normal?"
The ambition is to open the pool as normal, however, it is a company policy to always lifeguard whilst in use, there may be periods of short closure whilst new lifeguards are recruited and trained. Please bear with us on this.

"Will the swim lessons be on?"
Yes, we will launch our swim lessons programme from the 1st July. Members will have to re-join unfortunately. Plus, a limited number of spaces will be made available to non-members but only for lessons only, they will not be entitled to the extra perks members get like family swimming, creche and weekend activity clubs. 

"Will I be able to bring a family member or friend in via a day pass?" 
Yes, we would welcome you bringing your nearest and dearest subject to a day pass charge. 

“Can I add my child to a membership?”
Indeed you can, and we have two options for you. The first is aimed at younger children providing access to the creche, family swimming and weekend clubs which includes Messy Play plus Arts and Crafts. For the pre-teens and Gamers out there, we have a fully equipped games room, with a Nintendo Switch, PS5 and Xbox plus a Meta Quest VR headset and funky gamers chairs. This can be added for £14pm and starts from 1st June. 

For the slightly older age group, we will offer a Junior Gym bolt on for £20pm, saving you £12 of the standalone price. This offering will provide access to the gym at prescribed times as well as the family swim sessions.

"Will there be hairdressers and therapy/treatment rooms?"
Yes, we are working with a few businesses to see how we can maintain this offering and welcome interested parties to come forward. 

"Is the Club Room Cafe/Bar going to stay open?" 
Yes and no. We aim to re-launch this towards the end of July with a refreshed offering. Please bear with us whilst we work to get this sorted for you. 

"What are the prices going to be?"
We are super excited to be able to offer you similar services starting at just £54, plus a 25% discount for the first 3 months, whilst we get the club back up and running. Please pop and see us outside the main entrance in the porta cabin – we look forward to seeing you! 

“What days will the creche be running?”
Initially, we plan to provide this offering on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9.30am and 12.30pm. This service is available to members with the Junior Activities bolt on  and open to children of have received their first inoculations to 5 years old, whilst parents take part in activities or relax within the club. 

“Will you still have BodiTrax?”
Absolutely! We may need to make some adjustments to the unit but this will be a totally free service for members and included as part of our members journey. 

“Will there still be the 8+ synergy and running club sessions?”
We are sure you can appreciate that there is lots of detail that we need to understand. However, as long as there is a demand, we aim to keep as much of the service that was previously available. 

“Will you still be operating family swimming sessions?”
Yes we are. We will need to review all the timetables but we aim to provide a full and comprehensive programme for our valued members and their families. 

“At what age can we use the Sauna and Steam Room?”
We can confirm that all members aged 16 and over will be able to use the Sauna and Steam Room.  Any members under the aged of 16, will not be able to use this area of the facility.